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'Solar Engineering Services' is is a trading name of Steve Lucks , ABN: 40 537 155 873

Specialists in: Renewable Energy Technologies, Engineering Waste to Energy and Anaerobic Digestion. SES is a company that has been in the forefront of renewable energy for the past 20 years. SES has advised parliamentarians, local government and industry in areas of waste management and the use of renewable and sustainable technologies.




NAME:                                 Stephen Frederick Lucks

DATE OF BIRTH:                10 May 1950

PLACE OF BIRTH:              Plymouth, England.

ADDRESS:                          10 Bowyer Close

CONTACT DETAILS:         Ph (08) 9332-5862 (work/home)
                                             Mobile 0412-766-477
                                             Fax (08) 9332-5862

EMAIL ADDRESS:              steve.lucks@



Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning.
Perth Technical College 1984

Diploma in Applied Science (Chemistry and Electronics)
Mt Lawley Technical College 1979

Completed 50 % of Bachelor Applied Science (Chemistry)
Curtin University of Technology 1979



Director and Chief Technical Officer of Solar Engineering Services, a renewable energy R & D Company involved in all aspects of design, manufacture and installation of renewable energy equipment. Acts as a consultant to commercial and public interests in the solar and renewable energy field.

Consultant to National Lifestyle Villages to develop renewable and sustainable heating and cooling systems for the lifestyle villages, since November 2007

President of the Institute for New Venture Creation Inc. (Incorporated in WA) Founded at Canning Senior College, Bentley, WA in 1981 since 2003



Consultant to International Centre for Applications of Solar Energy (CASE) a UNIDO Funded Organisation with two advisory tours to Vietnam in 2001.

Research Fellow with Curtin University, Centre for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology Australia (CRESTA), 1995 to 2000. CRESTA was part of the Cooperative Research Centre for Renewable Energy in W.A.

Research Associate with Murdoch University, Environmental Technology Centre and Remote Area Development Group, 1996 to 2000.



Chief Technical Officer with AET Group Ltd Feb to Dec 2001.

Renewable Energy Consultant and Scientist with Solar Engineering Services 1994 to present.

Chemistry Centre (WA). Forensic Science Laboratory and Racing Chemistry Laboratory 1978 to1994. Principal Laboratory Technician.
Claremont Teachers College Science Education Department.
June 1974 to June 1978. Laboratory Technician.
Completed National Service in the Australian Army, April 1971 to Nov 1972. Soldier and Professional Photographer, Royal Australian Army Medical Corps. Discharge rank Lance Brigadier.



Member of the Australian Institute of Energy since 2004.

Member of the Ethanol Fuels Association of Australia since1999.

Member of Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society (ANZSES) since 1982.

Member of the International Solar Energy Society (ISES) since 1982.

Member of the Australian and New Zealand Forensic Science Society (ANZFSS) 1978 to 1994.



Defence Forces Welfare Association [DFWA] WA. Membership officer 2007-

ANZSES WA Branch Committee Action Group Chairman 2006-

President of the Institute of New Venture Creation [INVC] 2004-

Reviewer for International Journal of Renewable Energy Engineering IJREE. 2000.

Since joining the ISES and ANZSES in 1982 served as the WA branch treasurer from 1984 to 1986. WA branch secretary from 1986 to 1987.

Chairman of ANZSES from 1988 to 1990. WA Correspondent to the Solar Progress Journal from 1985 to 1988 and Associate Editor (Biomass) for Solar Progress from 1986 to 1996



Following the oil shocks of the 1970’s, I developed a keen interest in renewable energy, realising that solar energy would be a safe, secure and non-polluting source of energy for the future. I studied extensively all facets of renewable energy, including gaining a Diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning. This gave me a thorough understanding of the thermal principles of air conditioning and building design, which can be applied to the renewable energy field. I have studied extensively, researching and developing a wide range of expertise and products in the renewable energy field.

I prepared seven (7) provisional patent applications lodged with IP Australia, relating to renewable energy inventions including anaerobic digestion processes and techniques and anaerobic bacterial technologies. However due to financial considerations these lapsed.
Research and development of spectrally selective coatings, for both heat absorption and heat emission. These coatings are used on solar panels for heating and cooling applications, manufactured in WA. (1984-1986).

Research and development of solar air heating panels (1991-1994) that are now being specified by consulting engineers and solar architects.
These solar panels have been installed at the Perth Zoo; Senior Citizen's Retirement Villages, Greenhouse Projects in Canberra and a number of domestic dwellings around Perth's suburbs.

Designed and built a solar air conditioner (1994-1998), based on the solar regenerated desiccant dehumidification system, Mk III was field-tested in Port Hedland in November 1997. Mounted on a 6-metre shipping container it is transportable and also simulates a small building.

As part of REAC Project D18A, (1994-1996), I constructed a pilot scale (20,000 litre) biogas digester at a piggery in Forrestdale WA to explore various techniques of anaerobic digestion. This was funded by REAC to a total of $28,000.

At the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology (Australia) CRESTA at Curtin University I constructed two 200-litre pilot scale anaerobic digesters. One used brewer’s spent grains as a demonstration of biogas production; the second 200-litre digester was used to investigate the anaerobic digestion of household organic waste for the Southwest Metropolitan Regional Waste Management Council. A 1,350-litre demonstration digester has been installed at the Manjimup Senior High School as an adjunct to the school's curriculum.

During 2001 I built a commercial-sized 18,000-litre two-phase anaerobic digester at premises in Maddington using potato wastes as the feedstock. This is believed to be the only one of its type in Australia consumed 1 tonne of waste potatoes per and produced biogas containing 95% methane.

In the novel field of bioremediation I have recently conducted two trials using anaerobic bacterial culture to mineralise (destroy) highly toxic, oil and grease residues. The first at BHP’s Iron Ore Plant in Port Hedland and the second using acidic oil and bituminous residues from the OMEX Site in Bellevue.

I have developed a high degree of expertise in the field of environmental science and have developed wastewater treatment plants for industries such as radiator repairers and engine reconditioners. (1998). These units use a bacterial filter to remove the pollutants and allows the water to be recycled.

I also custom design solar photovoltaic lighting systems, phase-change and hydronic thermal storage systems using solar air and water heating panels.



Solar 2004 ANZSES Conference “Life, the Universe and Renewables” Murdoch University. Dec 2004.

Inaugural Mobile Antisalinity Conferences-with solutions. The Institute of New Venture Creation Inc, Technology Park, Bentley WA 2003.

Renewable Energy Supply Options for the Manjimup Region. Sponsored by Manjimup on the Move and the Warren Districts Renewable Energy Group. November 2000.

International Workshop: "Evaluating the Implementation of the Pilot Biogas Digesters." Hanoi, Vietnam. Nov 2000. Sponsored by the International Centre for the Applications of Solar Energy, a UNIDO organisation.

Waste and Recycle Symposium. Burswood Convention Centre. Aug 1999

World Renewable Energy Congress. Murdoch University. Feb 1999.

Waste Management Association of Australia (WA Branch) seminar 1997

International Solar Energy Conference Fremantle Dec 1993



I have attended racing tribunals and hearings at the Western Australian Trotting Association on a number of occasions to give evidence on the results of chemical analysis of racehorse samples.



Consultant and expert witness to Consumer Affairs and the Department of Fair Trading, relating to warranty claims, poor performance, shoddy installation and breaches of Australian Standards with solar hot water systems.

Investigated a claimed breach of the Australian Standard AS 2855 (1986) (Paints and Related Materials-micaceous iron oxide pigments), through the Materials Technology Laboratory.

Written submissions to the Australian Standards Association, regarding changes in Solar Standards; AS 2002-(1981) and AS 2712-(1984), relating to Anodic Hydrogen Gas Generation.

Prepared submission to Australian Standards Association relating to the Control of Microbial Contamination (Legionella pneumophila) in Air Handling and Water Systems in Buildings. (1986-1987)



Environmental Energy Audit of Ardross Primary School” Lucks S.F. and Grabham S. Energy Audit Grant from SEDO 2008.

“Environmental Energy Audit of the Leeming Primary School” Lucks S.F., Grabham S. Energy Audit Grant from SEDO 2007.

“Life Cycle Assessment in the Antisalinity Industry.” Genever, D., Lucks, S.F. and Pyke Dr, L.H. Presented to the International Life Cycle Assessment Conference in Sydney NSW, Australia. 2005.

“Cyber Environmetrics Leadership by Professional Engineers and Scientists.” Lucks, S.F. and Pyke, Dr L.H. Presented to International Environmental Engineering Society Sydney NSW Australia 2005.

“V&V Walsh Abattoir Bunbury. Investigation into Potential Waste to Energy Options”. Prepared for SMEC Australia Pty Ltd. Aug 2004.

“Jandakot Wool Washers Sludge Project.” Prepared for Green Key Energy WA Pty Ltd 2002.

“Solar Salt Heat Gradient Pond with Biomass for Ethanol Production as a Means to Remediate Salt-Affected Agricultural Land.” Occasional paper prepared for interest 2002. Published in Energy News Vol 23 No1 Mar 2005

“Solar Desalination” Prepared for the Australian CRC for Renewable Energy and the Centre for Renewable Energy Systems Technology Australia (CRESTA) Feb 2000

"Environmental Energy Audit of Little Creatures Brewing Pty Ltd" Lucks S.F. Commissioned for Little Creatures Brewing Pty Ltd. Fremantle. (2002).

"A Survey of Cleanliness of Shopping Trolleys" Lucks S.F, and Pyke L.H. Commissioned for Kennedie Pty Ltd. Perth. (2002).

“OMEX Site Bioremediation Study” Lucks S.F.; Research Trial Carried out to assess the suitability of Anaerobic Bacterial Culture in the Bioremediation of the Site. (1998).

“OCRS Lagoon Bioremediation Study” Lucks S.F.; Research Trial Carried out for BHP Iron Ore, Port Hedland, W.A. (1998). 

“Assessment of the Feasibility of Landfill Gas Enhancement by Microbial Addition” Lucks S.F. and Parker W.F.; Alternative Energy Development Board Project B21. (1998).

“Experience with the Anaerobic Digestion of Household Organic Waste.” Lucks S.F.; Indian Conference on Village Electrification. New Delhi, India. March 1997. Ed; Singh D.

"Investigation into Landfill Gas Engine Valve Failures." Lucks S.F. Consultation to Landfill Gas and Power Pty Ltd. Feb 1997.

“Biomass Energy Generation; Pigfarm Pilot Project.” Lucks S.F.; Renewable Energy Advisory Council Project D18A. (1996).

“Solar Air Heater for Domestic and Industrial Applications.” Lucks S.F.; Renewable Energy Advisory Council Project D3A. (1994)

“Solid Phase Extraction for the Analysis of Drugs”, Ngo S H, Stenhouse A M and Lucks S F. 12th Australian Symposium on Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry, 1993.

“The use of Scintillation Proximity Assay (SPA) in Routine Radioimmunoassay”, Buck G J, Lucks S F and Stenhouse A M., The 27th International Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Toxicologists (TIAFT), 1990.

“The Detection of Lupin Alkaloids in Horse Urine”, Stenhouse A M, Lucks S F and Ralston J M.  Proceedings of the 8th International Conference of Racing Analysts and Veterinarians, 1990.

“Statistical Analysis of Energy Consumption of Homes with and without Solar Hot Water Systems”, Lucks S F, Chemistry Centre (WA) Lunchtime Lecture Series 1990.

“Cortisol Concentrations in Blood and Urine of Horses”, Ralston J M, Stenhouse A M, Stenhouse N S, Buck G J, Lucks S F, Reynoldson J A and Bolton J R., Aust Vet J 65:1-5, Harare Zimbabwe. 1988.

“Hydrogen Production in Electric Storage Hot Water Systems”, Lucks S F, ANZSES Technical Meeting. 1985.

“Controls for the Active Solar House”, Lucks S F, ANZSES Technical Meeting Oct 1984.

“Use of Water Hyacinths to Produce Methane”, Lucks S F, ANZSES Technical Meeting Aug 1984



“What if? A World without Oil.” An occasional paper presented to the WA Branch of the Institution of Engineers. Lucks S.F. September 2008.

“Towards Sustainable Electricity” Lucks S.F, Mills J, Dr and Pyke L.H, Dr, Occasional paper created for interest Dec 2007.

“Phase Change Chemical Thermal Storage.” Presented to the Environmental Architecture Professional Development Courses 2007 Environmental Building Services Course. University of WA. July 2007

“Solar Air Collectors and Solar Water Collectors.” Presented to the Environmental Architecture Professional Development Courses 2007 Environmental Building Services Course. University of WA. July 2007

“Solar salt Heat Gradient Pond with Biomass for Ethanol Production as a Means to Remediate Salt-Affected Agricultural Land.” Lecture presented to Inaugural Mobile Antisalinity Conferences-with solutions. Organised by The Institute of New Venture Creation Inc. (INVC) Aug 2003

“Solar Salt Heat Gradient Pond with Biomass for Ethanol Production as a Means to Remediate Salt-Affected Agricultural Land.” Lecture presented to ANZSES Conference
Dec 2004.

"Anaerobic Digestion/Energy Crops/Integrated Farming Management" Lecture presented to Renewable Energy Supply Options Seminar at Manjimup WA, November 2000.

"Solar Desalination", A Short Course Titled: "Solar Water Pumping/SolarDesalination", presented by CRESTA at Curtin University of Technology. March 2000.

"Anaerobic Digestion and Waste Management", lectures presented to the N210 Course at the Environmental Technology Centre Murdoch University Sept 1999.

“An Introduction to Anaerobic Digestion”, lecture presented to the Environmental Technology Centre N210 course at Murdoch University. 23 September 1998.

“Biomass; Principles and Applications”, A Short Course Titled; “An Introduction to Renewable Energy”, presented by CRESTA at Curtin University of Technology, 10-11 October 1997.

”Energy Aspects of Waste Disposal”, A Short Course Titled “Developing Effective Strategies for Energy Conservation”, presented by CRESTA at Curtin University of Technology, 24 July 1998.



I have received three Minerals and Energy Research Institute W.A. (MERIWA) Grants through the Renewable Energy Advisory Council (REAC) and the Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB).

REAC grant D3A; “Solar Air Heater for Domestic and Industrial Use”, $12,000 over 3 years. Completed 1994.
REAC grant D18A; “Biomass Energy Generation; Pigfarm Pilot Plant”, $28,000 over 2 years. Completed 1996.

AEDB grant Project B21; “Assessment of the Feasibility of Landfill Gas Enhancement by Introduction of Microbial Cultures.” $40,000 over 18 months. Completed 1998.



Demonstration of anaerobic degradation of refinery tank bottoms for BP Kwinana. October 2000.

Development of techniques to create bacteria capable of degrading all toxic organic substances in the presence of high levels of toxic heavy metals, including highly radioactive environments. 2000.

Development of a novel anaerobic bioreactor to breakdown hydrocarbon sludge and axle grease at the OCRS Lagoon owned by BHP in Port Hedland, Western Australia. The oily sludge contained typically, 120,000 mg/kg of total petroleum and 150,000-mg/kg of axle grease, including high levels of heavy metals. The bioreactor achieved a 98.5% reduction in hydrocarbons in 3 months. 1998.

Demonstration of anaerobic bacterial degradation of hydrocarbon contamination of groundwater with high sulphate levels at the OMEX site in Bellevue, Western Australia. 1998.

Demonstrated to Caltex Petroleum Australia the breakdown of diesel-contaminated soil using anaerobic cultures. 1995.



I have submitted seven provisional patent applications to IP Australia, in the fields of anaerobic digestion, bacterial technology, waste to energy process design, bacterial process technology and digester design. However due to financial considerations these were never finalised. A more recent provisional patent application in 2006 [Solar powered traffic control signals] was also not finalised.



I am computer literate, own a laptop computer and a PC and I am familiar with the internet, belong to several internet science discussion groups and correspond by email with other scientists worldwide.

I am experienced in working in a small multi-disciplinary team and also working independently on research and development projects.
I can operate machine tools, MIG and stick weld, cut and braze using oxy-acetylene and oxy-propane, am a competent mechanical fitter and consider myself an extremely practical engineer. I am an adept sheet metal worker able to translate an idea into metal and have a factory where I am able to carry out prototyping and other developmental procedures.

I have recently (2007/8) designed, constructed and installed a complete alternative air conditioning system on the Bridgewater Lifestyle Village admin and community hall for National Lifestyle Villages.

I have completed a large-scale solar thermal storage system (2,700 litres) using Apricus evacuated tubular collectors (ETCs) to supply hot water for domestic and space heating requirements. A 17,000 litre system is currently being built at the Bridgewater Lifestyle Village in Erskine to heat the Administration Offices. This uses 120 ETCs.



I am married with two daughters, have an interest in motorcars of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, particularly Mustangs and Fairlanes and the history of the Arab and Jewish nations. I own a 1977 GS Falcon, which I am restoring and converting the motor to run on high energy renewable fuels.



Dr Les H. Pyke; Principal Consultant, The Institute of New Venture Creation Inc, Foundation Chairman, Centre for the Indian Ocean Region Inc, Company Director.
25 Blaven Way, Ardross WA Ph (08) 9364 3583 Email

Professor David Harries; Research Institute for Sustainable Energy, Murdoch University, Ph (08) 9360 6623 Email;

Dr Geoff Richardson; Director, Geoff Richardson and Associates Pty Ltd, Materials Technology Consultants. 11 Sylvana Way, Willetton. WA. Ph (08) 9457-2456,
Fax (08) 9354-9568. Email;


LUCKS CV.doc…Aug 2008


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